Marry Me Forever

Starry Hills #3

He’s a shy movie star who wants to stop the rumors started by his ex. She’s the wild child of Starry Hills who dreams of seeing the world. They strike a bargain—a fake engagement for six months and she’ll get the trip of her dreams. But all too soon things heat up and the lines begin to blur…

My ex keeps telling the world we’re engaged.

Nothing I say seems to make a difference, so I come up with a plan.

I need a fake fiancée, one who’ll stop the rumors and give me my life back.

And I have the perfect candidate—my sister’s best friend, the one who always called me the “boring Wolfe brother” growing up.

Six months of pretending with a woman who doesn’t care that I’m famous, and then we part ways.

But with every touch, date, and kiss in public, it becomes harder and harder to pretend.

And when Katie finally reveals some of her vulnerabilities, the ones she hides behind her outgoing facade, I’m a goner.

I want to claim her as mine, both in public and in my bed.

More than that, I want to marry her forever.

She’s my future, and I need to convince her that I’m no longer faking it.

Except then my ex interferes, hurting the woman I love and risking our future.

But nothing is going to keep me from Katie Evans, no matter what.

Because the Wolfe family protects their own.

And Katie is mine.

Marry Me Forever is a celebrity, billionaire, fake engagement, best friend's older brother, Cinderella retelling romance. It's most definitely not fade-to-black. Happy ending guaranteed.

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