Stay With Me Forever Couple Cover
Stay with Me Forever

Starry Hills #2 – November 9, 2023

He’s a single dad who never wants to marry again. She’s his little sister’s best friend who can’t stand him. But when a hotel reservation goes wrong and there’s only one bed, things heat up…

After sixteen years away, I finally moved back to Starry Hills with my two kids, determined to heal the rift with my family and help with the family’s winery business.

Slowly, my children and I are finding our place in Starry Hills. But then summer vacation arrives and my kids keep finding their way to her property.

Emilia “Millie” Mendoza, the wedding planner who is extremely close to my family.

Except she wants nothing to do with me. From the first time she saw me after I got back, she’s glared and told me to leave her alone.

Which would be a lot easier if she didn’t keep showing my children the kindness and attention they never got from their mother.

Every swim lesson, bedtime story, or word of encouragement chips away at my walled-up heart.

And then we’re forced to work together at a wedding expo, they lose her reservation, and we have to share a room.

That one bed soon changes everything.

But making her fall apart with my hands and mouth is the easy part. Because Emilia has burdens of her own.

Ones that might keep us apart.

Except Emilia is the one I want to stay with us forever. And I’ll do whatever it takes to win her.


Stay With Me Forever is a single dad, best friend’s older brother, steamy romance with no third act break-up. Full of feels, banter, and family (and lots of crazy group text messages). Happy ending guaranteed.

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